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Deichman / Oslo Public Library


About us

Deichman consists of 23 branch libraries located all over Oslo. Deichman was founded in 1785 and is Norway’s oldest and largest public library.
A Deichman library is a place for you, whoever you may be. In our libraries you are welcome to spend time reading, working, relaxing, meeting friends, or enjoying some peace and quiet.
You are free to borrow whatever you like from our collection of more than a million books, movies, games, CDs and other media. All you need is a library card.

How to register for a library card

Library cards are available to everyone who resides in Norway. You need to have a Norwegian social security number, D number, or DUF number to obtain a library card.
Do you need us to help you register? Stop by your local Deichman, and we will assist you.

Extended opening hours

Several of Deichman’s libraries offer extended opening hours.
Users who have upgraded their library cards to admission cards have access to these libraries from 7 AM until 11 PM every day, including weekends and public holidays.
We are continuously working to expand this service to include more libraries.

How to upgrade your library card

  • Download, print, and sign this contract.
  • Hand in the contract at your local library.
  • We upgrade your card to an admission card, and you are free to access libraries with extended opening hours any time between 7 AM and 11 PM.

Free-to-use facilities

Deichman’s libraries offer use of several tools and facilities. These include:
·       Wi-Fi
·       PCs
·       Copiers
·       Printers
·       3D printers
·       Hand tools
Use of the tools is free, but you will be charged a small fee for materials such as printing paper and plastic for 3D printing. Contact your local library for more information.


Our libraries host thousands of events each year.
The events include everything from concerts and comics conventions to language courses and political debates.

Language Café
Do you want to improve your Norwegian? Language Café is for those who already have a basic understanding of Norwegian and wish to improve their skills. Many of our libraries arrange Language Cafés, see the upcoming ones here.

Want to organize an event at a Deichman library? Contact your local Deichman library.